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Manufacture and Wholesale Opportunity

What a great opportunity for a buyer to expand this unique construction manufacturing business. The business has a semi-automatic production plant and other associated plant and equipment to make sought after limestone products on good margins. This business sells wholesale to its existing clients but has an opportunity to sell more under competition prices into a large market.

With this business you get the intellectual property and a lot of unique moulds including architectural / structural products. All this at a price that is worth replacement value for the production moulds, masters, plant and equipment.

With few competitors in this manufacturing space at these volumes, the opportunity to make big profits yearly is ripe for the picking.

You can scale the business Australia wide, expanding on the existing agreements , this business could possibly  make multiple millions each year by selling as its production capacity is well under utilised. All of the unique, exciting and new Green Smart Products (GSP) are sought after overseas so it also has the have the ability to be sold internationally and so export potential could further increase profits for this business.





Daniel Galvin

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Daniel Galvin


434 Vincent Street West
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